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Too Wise to Want To Be Young Again PB - Blue Mountain Arts

Too Wise to Want To Be Young Again PB - Blue Mountain Arts



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A Witty View Of How To Stop Counting The Years And Start Living Them
Times are changing! We are about to have more "senior citizens" in this country than ever before. Products, advertising, entertainment, and services are becoming more focused on this older generation. It is a wonderful time to grow older.

Yes, our world is being transformed around us faster than ever, and we need to evolve with it. Men have learned to change diapers, and women can be construction workers. We have exchanged household help for food processors, cooking for take-out, and leisurely dining for fast foods. We used to read more, listen to the radio, and write letters; now we watch TV, talk on the telephone, and fax.

It is written that there is "a time to weep and a time to laugh." The trick is to know which one to do when. Given a choice, let's go with the laughter.

"I've seen Natasha's audiences burst out in laughter, cheers, and applause at her verse. She captures the double standards, the dual ambitions, the ambiguities and worries, and above all, the hopes and aspirations that are so much a part of modern women's lives, and she captures it all with marvelous humor." - Judy Mann, The Washington Post

"Many thanks for your beautiful book and words of encouragement. I really enjoyed reading your poems. They were touching and inspiring, and really captured the spirit of being a grandmother!" - Ann W. Richards, Former Governor of Texas

"I had so much fun reading her book." - Ms. Mary Kay, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"Natasha Josefowitz's gentle and funny poetry sneaks its way into our hearts the way subtle humor does... the laughter of recognition comes first and the tears of remembrance come later." - Warren Bennis, Joseph Debell Chair of Management, University of Southern California


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