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Lamb of God HB - Benny Hinn

Lamb of God HB - Benny Hinn



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Yesterday, Today & Forever
With seasoned wisdom and timeless insight, Benny Hinn shares his years of study concerning God's plan for our salvation. In a sweeping panorama of mankind's time line from Genesis to Revelation comes an amazing story of the Savior - yesterday, today, and forever.
In this book, Pastor Benny Hinn presents these ground-breaking insights:
  • Discusses 332 prophecies of Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God and 21 revelations
  • From the Passover to the Cross - 21 Remarkable Revelations
  • The Lamb of God in the 7 Feasts of Israel
  • Taking Up Your Own Cross
  • The 7 Eternal Blessings of Redemption by the Lamb
"Today, more than twenty centuries have passed, yet our Master Jesus remains the most powerful force known to manking. Though massive armies have come and gone, powerful political systems have risen and fallen, all-powerful dictators and kings have crumbled to dust, all of them combined have not impacted the world as did this Son of Man named Jesus Christ the Savior. When we understand the depth of how the Old and New Testaments are connected miraculously through the Lamb of God, history's pages and the future come alive with a life-changing message that should embolden each believer, more than ever before, to share God's wonderful gift of salvation!" - Benny Hinn

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