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Frankwright Mundy Non Alcoholic Altar Wine 12 x 70cl - Frankwright Mundy & Co Ltd

Frankwright Mundy Non Alcoholic Altar Wine 12 x 70cl - Frankwright Mundy & Co Ltd



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Exclusively for Communion Use.

Amazing value communion wine with a long shelf life (un-opened). Sold in a 70cl bottle by the case of 12 bottles. This item is only available in the UK.

Frank Wright Mundy have a long and proud history of producing the finest quality non-alcoholic communion wines. Founded in 1858, our original unfermented wines have been supplied continuously ever since and have earned an international reputation for their purity. The wine is entirely free from alcohol and undiluted, Fruit of the Vine (Luke 22v17), and still made to the original formulae.

BRAND NO. 1 is a blend of the juices of some of the finest grapes in the world. It has a full red colour and rich flavour.

BOTTLE SIZES & QUANTITIES: Each case contains 12 70cl bottles. For use with individual communion cups, approximately eighty cups can be filled from one bottle.

DIRECTIONS FOR KEEPING: Having been carefully prepared, the wine will remain good for up to three years, before opening, provided it is stored in a cool dry place. It is not necessary for it to be kept in a refrigerator once opened, but if served slightly chilled will add to the flavour.

When this non-alcoholic wine is used in plated communion vessels, it is essential to ensure that the plating has not worn off the inside of the vessel.

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