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Noah's Ark And The End Of Days PB - Daniel Duval

Noah's Ark And The End Of Days PB - Daniel Duval



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Jesus said that, ‘as the days of Noah were, so will it be at the coming of the son of man.’ The story of Noah’s ark contains shadows regarding the last days. This book will reveal these shadows in unprecedented clarity. The shadows not only help to decipher an accurate timeline, but they also reveal the hand of God upon the church. This book is a marriage between bible prophecy and the body of Christ, written for the common person. Beginning at the Garden of Eden, the reader will engage in a life-changing experience. What was the fall of man like from God’s perspective? Readers will become acquainted with Noah and his trials, fallen angels, and giants! What was it really like for Noah? The plot thickens when a panoramic view of Noah’s story begins to explain God’s plans for His church until the second advent of Jesus. Noah’s ark is one story, revealing two revelations that lead to only one conclusion. Learn how God’s plan for His church and bible prophecy regarding the end-times can no longer be studied apart from one another. Will the church stay, or will the church go before the tribulation? Does God have a purpose for the tribulation? What role will fallen angels have in the tribulation? Will the nephilim return? Will you be part of the army that conquers with Jesus at Armageddon? It is a message that cannot be ignored. It all begins with you. Are you ready for Noah’s Ark and the End of Days?

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